COVID-19 Update 4/22/20

Attention all Independent Living Residents,

We are all getting a little anxious to get back to our normal routines, but the Governor’s office once again pointed out that the executive order for “Safer at Home” continues through the end of April.

Right now the Governor’s task force to “re-open” Florida had their first meeting Monday and is working toward new guidance for Floridians. Once those new guidelines are complete and enacted, we will revisit re-opening some of our common areas, with the understanding that there will probably be a continued request to wear masks when out of your apartment, maintain 6 feet of separation, and restrict groups to 10 or fewer people.

Keep in mind that adults 65 and older, and those with chronic health issues or compromised immune deficiencies, will most likely be asked to continue to stay inside their apartments/stay inside as much as possible – as the Coronavirus can be life-threatening. So do not expect big changes here at GCV, but rather baby steps. This also means there will most likely be continued restriction on visitors. We encourage you to keep in touch with your family via phone, or let us assist you with a skype (video) call. Please do not invite family and friends onto our campus or visit them at the entrances or outside when they are dropping supplies/other items off for you, as it just adds another potential exposure to you and other residents. Instead encourage them to drop-off items in the vestibules, and we’ll delivered them to you.

As you may be aware, the Florida Department of Health released the names of nursing homes and assisted livings with positive COVID-19 cases this past weekend, and there 14 communities in Lee County on this list. We are also aware of one case in Cape Coral at another provider. What we don’t know from this information release is how many cases were positive at each community, or whether it is residents, staff or both.

As of today, the pool, fitness room and most common areas of the community will continue to remain closed. Meals will continue to be delivered to your apartments. Shopping will continue to be performed by our transportation team, if there are items you need. The goal is to keep you out of public areas where people gather to shop for essential services, thus reducing the likelihood of you being exposed to the virus. If you feel you must get outside, please enjoy a walk on our walking paths, or if you have a car, feel free to go for a drive (preferably with no stops). We can’t prevent you from going shopping, but ask you to restrain for the time being to protect yourself and the other residents from exposure; and then unknowingly bringing it into GCV.

Two recent steps we have taken to help reduce exposures is that we have cancelled nearly all outside home health/home care visits, and have instead substituted GCV’s Home Health/Care where needed. We are monitoring/ restricting travel of our Home Health/Care associates, so as to minimize outside exposure. Secondly, if you go out to a hospital after an incident, you (and your spouse if applicable) will be asked to self-quarantine in your apartment for 14 days (unless you had a negative COVID test while in the hospital – in which case you would self-monitor for 14 days).

Stay safe everyone!