COVID-19 Update 5/21/20

Governor DeSantis recently issued an executive order mandating that all Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities complete COVID-19 testing of their employees and residents. He assigned the Department of Health to conduct these tests as the testing kits became available. We were just notified that Gulf Coast Village Care Center and TCU is scheduled for our mandatory testing on Friday, May 22nd.

This testing is the result of an executive order, and not due to a resident or employee with a positive test or symptoms. Mandated testing is just for our current TCU and Care Center residents, as well as Care Center and Independent Living employees.

At this time, we have not been notified of testing for Independent Living residents, but we will let you know if/when this happens. Our Palmview residents and employees will receive a separate notice for testing when we are notified by the State.

You can find the details of the executive orders on the Agency for Health Care Administration website at We will continue our Level One services restoration and activities at this time so continue to sign up in the transportation book. If you have any questions please contact me at extension 5040.

Stay Safe and Healthy