In their own words.

“Every one of the staff is just so kind and polite - helpful and wonderful. All so willing to help and make us comfortable and glad to be here.”

Steve E.

“I knew this was the only place to come live in Cape Coral. I had seen others in Fort Myers, but none compared – from living conditions, to what they had to offer, to what it costs.”

Lorry, independent living resident

“We love it here. If we could turn back time, we would have moved sooner.”

John and Harriet W.

“I’m shocked when someone doesn’t have Gulf Coast Village as their first choice. It’s a very, very wanted community."

Thea, health services case manager

“When we brought Mom here to independent living, we were told she’d always have a place. So we knew if Mom ever needed rehab or skilled nursing, or had to go to memory care, Gulf Coast Village was going to follow us through.”

Renda, daughter of resident

"I am writing to you because the staff at Gulf Coast Village is, in my opinion, essential to our sense of family.

I have been a resident of Gulf Coast Village for two years. Before this, I lived in another CCRS in Florida. I have two CCRC's to compare. Also, I have no family in the area so I am well aware of just how important the staff is. And, I am not shy about expressing my opinion.

In general, I have found all of the start - from the maintenance to concierge to dining room supervisors - to be actively engaged in doing what needs to be done for us. Everyone is positive, welcoming, willing to listen, and at the very least capable of a happy "good morning." This is far above normal in my experience previously.

A common question is asked: "How do you think 'someone; manages to hire such good people?" And "Why do they stay here when they probably could work elsewhere?" I don't know but it is important to me that they do stay here.

Most especially I wish to highlight Debra Clark, Sherri, the entire concierge staff, Carol (my housekeeper), Shannon, Cassie, Saram Dulce, Xavier, Georgie (in PT), the entire maintenance staff, Julie in Bookkeeping. I know I have forgotten someone.

One of the best highlights of my day is interacting with the dining room staff. I have a food difficulty and it is noted in their notepads. They are caring, aware, kind and seem truly interested in us as people. Some times they forget the extra butter but they do remember the important things.

A clean, safe, attractive building is important. The landscaping matters. But none of this is what makes Gulf Coast Village a good home. That sense of home comes from residents and the staff we encounter every day. They become a bit of family. And it matters."

F, Gulf Coast Village Resident
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