COVID-19 Update

April 2, 2020

Dear Independent Living Residents,

As many of you are aware by now, Governor DeSantis issued an Executive Order yesterday, requiring all Floridians to Stay At Home due to the pandemic.

Although the order might not have been as strong as some people would have wanted, it specifically states that all Floridians over the age of 65 should stay in their homes for the next 2 weeks, which are expected to be the worst weeks for community spread based on current computer models.

Once again, I ask all of you to consider cancelling all non-essential physician appointments, ask your family members not to come onto our campus or to take you out, and refrain from going off the GCV community grounds in your cars. The virus has impacted primarily the elderly in Lee County, and because you don’t know who may be carrying the virus, you put yourself, your spouse and others at risk by leaving the community.

Let us do the shopping for you – you can pick up a shopping list order form from the Concierge desk and our drivers will purchase items for you!  You can also get all three meals here at GCV through our dining services department.  And let a member of our team know if you’re feeling any symptoms of the Coronavirus, which include fever, shortness of breath, sore throat and/or coughing.


Greg Anderson

Executive Director