Gulf Coast Village’s New CyberCycle Takes Senior Fitness to a Virtual Level

CAPE CORAL, Fla., (Sept. 26, 2016) – Gulf Coast Village, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Cape Coral, is pleased to present its residents with a new virtual reality stationary bicycle, the CyberCycle. The bicycle was recently implemented at the community’s wellness center, kicking off Active Aging Week at Gulf Coast Village, which takes place Sept. 25 through Oct. 1. The CyberCycle was selected by residents of Gulf Coast Village, and funded by board members of the Gulf Coast Village Foundation, which includes Cheryl Leftwich, director, and members Kevin Ahmadi, Louise Hawk, Stanford Levin, Harry Shaffer, Neville Shevloff and Ruth Stanley.

Research has shown that exercise can prevent or delay the onset of dementia. According to a study reported in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, cybercycling two or three times a week for three months can yield greater cognitive benefits for seniors than traditional exercise.

The award-winning CyberCycle introduces a virtual reality exercise program that stimulates seniors not only physically, but cognitively as well. The cardio bicycle features a full range of resistance levels, suitable for seniors of all capabilities, as well as a variety of interactive settings, including more than 40 computer-simulated routes and fun games. With online tracking systems in place, cyclists can connect to seniors within the community or at other senior living communities that utilize CyberCycle equipment, creating an interactive component to seniors’ regular exercise routine, with friendly competitions and team-building activities for users of all capabilities.

The CyberCycle experience allows users to steer and shift using motion control handlebars that engage the upper body, with pedal resistance actively changing to meet the natural rise and fall of the selected terrain. Designed with seniors in mind, the CyberCycle includes an oversized ergonomic seat, support grips and non-slip pedals with heel straps, making the bicycle safe and easy to navigate.

“The CyberCycle is a great addition to our wellness center, and is beneficial for seniors because it not only requires physical action, but it also exercises the brain through the virtual reality component,” said Melissa Wallace, wellness coordinator at Gulf Coast Village. “We are continually looking for new ways to enhance our residents’ fitness experience, and we are excited to introduce a new piece of equipment that’s not only fun, but also ties into our community’s commitment to physical, social and intellectual dimensions of wellness.”