Gulf Coast Village’s Pastor Tom Hafer hosts book signing event August 24

Pastor Tom Hafer, director of spiritual services for Gulf Coast Village in Cape Coral and ordained minister with Volunteers of America (VOA), will host a motivational wellness lecture and book signing event for his sixth book, titled Ramble On. Free and open to the public, the event will take place at 3 p.m. on Aug. 24 at the Gulf Coast Village Auditorium, located at 1333 Santa Barbara in Cape Coral.

As a minister and a physical therapist for three decades, Hafer has cultivated a unique approach to health and wellness through synergizing the physical and spiritual aspects of our lives. Hafer’s personal hike along the Appalachian Trail inspired the new book, Ramble On, which highlights the path to finding physical and spiritual center while walking the trail. During the book signing event, Hafer will share his insights from this journey, focusing on the importance of ways to care for ourselves to better care for others.

To further its mission of wellness, Gulf Coast Village has launched a Faith & Fitness Trail campaign to bring six new pieces of outdoor exercise equipment to the residents and employees of the community. Attendees who donate to the Faith & Fitness Trail during the motivational wellness lecture and book signing event will receive a free copy of Hafer’s book. Ramble On is also available on Amazon, with a special offer provided through

Hafer offers free workshops and shares a weekly newsletter, entitled “My Weekly Ramble.” To schedule a talk by Hafer, contact him at to*@ha***.com or visit